STOP THE PRESS - 18/11/11

Tonight we were entertained on the BBC with live coverage of the Mens and Ladies team final from the Trampoline World Championships in Birmingham.


For those of you who were fortunate enough to watch this on BBC, you may have noticed a few familiar faces...yes...Two Foot Higher were represented at the World Championships by Kyle and Charli who were chosen as official spotters for the event.


I have to say that this is a great honour for the club and both Charli and Kyle did their jobs extremely well.


Having watched the Mens Team Final, I have to say that Kyle took on his responsibilities with great vigour.


The first performer to compete (from Ukraine) came right off the trampoline via the side pad and landed on the floor. Luckily Kyle was on the opposite side of the trampoline and could only look on in amazement.


Over the next 15 routines a considerable number of performers exited the competition via the end decks. Fortunately for Kyle this always occurred on the 3 corners of the trampoline he was not covering.


Kyle, Having watched this team final, I am sure you will turn to Two Foot Higher as a different person...No more hesitation on 3/4 backs...just remember Dong Dong (17.8 tariff) and 3/4 backs will seem easy.


Kyle and Charli...you are heroes and your lives will be changed forever!


Two Foot Higher Trampoline Club salutes you!




Scottish Nationals 2011

This year we had 8 qualifiers... and looking at some of our trampolininsts who did not qualify this year, I can see another 5 or 6 who are quite capable of making it next year.


Congratulations to all who qualified aon competed! We had 100% record for completed routines (19 in total)!


For our Higher grade competitors, (Grade B, C and D), everyone made the finals (top 8)


All of our performers made the top 12 in their classes, some of which had over 50 competitors.


A big congratulations to our only medalist Sami who was a creditable 2nd in the grade E competition (only 12 years ond and competing against much older performers).!!


Finally, keep your eyes open this weekend if you intend to watch the World Trampoline Championships on BGTV (see British Gymnastics website: www.british-gymnastics.org, as you may see a few of our club members spotting in the competition held in Birmingham. Kyle and Charli managed to get jobs as official spotters...Try not to drop anyone guys!!!

New Additions to the club - 29/09/11

Two Foot Higher were happy to welcome some new additions to the club today. We have received two new eurotramps with 4x4 beds and a new DMT. We all cannot wait to start training on them. I wonder who will be the first person to fall off! We are also due to get a landing area for the DMT and new end decks and crash mats in the next couple of weeks.

Competition 25/9/11

The Club had a great result at the last grading competition of the year in Perth this weekend with its biggest entry to date. We had a total of 15 competitiors who all done the club justice.


Lara achieved 2nd place at FIG B with a questionable vol in the first round. She quickly pulled it together for the final and sailed through the routine making it look easy as she usually does.


Ruthie got a respectable 3rd place which was a great result considering one of her somersaults landed in the springs. Unfortunately she missed the qualifying score by 0.3 so she will have to start next season at E. She should have no trouble qualifying next time if she can manage to stay in the middle of the trampoline.


Hamish came 5th and hit the nail on the head with his score to move up to level E next year.


Sammy earned her first ever medal coming second after doing two sound routines.


Charli also managed to come 2nd at National C level with 2 successful voluntary routines which she never actually completed in training.


Kyle came 4th and managed to complete his new vol successfully twice. This was a minor miracle since he had only managed it a handful of times in training.


Well done to everyone else who competed, especially to those who were competing for the first time.


Also we would like to give a big thank you to Graeme Thomson who gave up his sunday to judge for us. Without him we would not have been able to enter as many people as we did. Thanks Graeme! Hopefully you will make it down to training soon.


Official results for the whole competition will be available in the Scottish section of the Competition Details page soon.

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