East Lothian Recreational Trampoline Competition

East Lothian gymnastics forum held the annual recreational trampolining competition at Musselburgh sports centre on the 8th December. This time there were two different competitions running on the day with a club level competition running alongside the recreational one. The club level was introduced to allow the gymnasts who compete in Scottish competitions to take part.


Two Foot Higher had an excellent day all round. We didnt have the biggest number of competitiors but managed to secure a 100% medal rate in the recreational competition with 4 golds, 1 silver and 2 bronze medals. 


The club level competition was another big success with a 50% medal rate which was the highest result of the clubs that entered. we managed to secure 2 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze medal.


The coaches were very proud of everyone who competed so well and the results go to show that all the hard work is paying off. We are very proud to have the most successful trampoline club in East Lothian. What an amazing result and a perfect example that quality outweighs quantity.


We would love to get some pictures up here of the event so if anyone has any please email them to contact[at]twofoothigher[dot]co[dot]uk.


A full copy of the results can be found in the scottish section of the competition details tab or you can just click HERE!

SSS League 2

On Sunday 25th November, Two Foot Higher were proud to host the second competition of the year for the Scottish Student Sport Trampolining league. It was a very successful cometition which saw students from lots of universities in Scotland competing for individual medals and points for their university. More information about the competitions can be found at:




A full gallery of photos from the competition can be found in the Photos section of the site or you can just click here!

Scottish National Championships 2012

Saturday 3rd November saw the Scottish National Trampolining Championships in Perth. We had an excellent day and managed to get 7 medals from our 8 competitors. Along with all the medals, Sami got the highest score for level D so she is overall Champion for level D for 2012. Well done everyone who took part. Bring on 2013.


For more pictures of the event check out the Photos section.

Home Nations 2012

This weekend was the Home Nations competition which was held in South Shields. 4 memebers of the club were chosen to be part of the Scotland team, 3 gymnasts and 1 coach. Despite Scotland coming in 3rd place, Everyone performed very well and the competition was a great success. Lara was the star of the day, winning a silver medal for Junior DMT. The club is very proud of Bruce, Lara, Kyle and hamish for representing the club and the country at this competition.


Well done to everyone who was part of the Scotland team. You done the conutry proud!!!

ELGF Showcase - We made the papers!

If anyone happened to pick up a copy of this weeks East Lothian Courier you may have spotted a familiar face. On the 28th of September Two Foot Higher took part in the second annual east lothian gymnastics showcase in which we performed in both trampolining and DMT. The event was a complete success and we even made it into the paper. The picture used in the article is of Lara Craig who is the most successfull Trampolinist in Edinburgh and East Lothian with several international competitions under her belt. She has also qualified for the British National Championships every year for the last 4 years. We are all looking forward to Next year.

Monumental Moustache Removal

Anyone who knows Bruce will likely have never EVER seen him without his iconic moustache. As an idea to raise funds for the club, he has agreed to do a sponored moustache removal. If we can raise enough money he will publicly shave off his crumb catcher at the next Scottish Grading competition. For those of you who will not be there, do not fear. The event will be captured on film and pleanty of pictures will be taken and posted everywhere.


So this is where you come in. We will have sponsor sheets going round which you can fill in or you can donate using the button on the right side of this page.


Please donate. This will be the first time in years that his top lip will see the light of day.... and it will be really funny.

Scottish DMT National Championships 2012


This weekend saw the first official Scottish DMT Championships held in Banchory. The club had 8 competitors taking part in the competition and at the end of the day came away with 4 National Champions in their respective groups. All of our competitiors are now competing at National C level or above. 


Most of the competitiors were up before 6am on Saturday to get ready for the 3 hour journey up to Banchory in order to be there for the official start time of the comp which was 10:30am, what commitment.


Everyone performed excellently and managed to get some excellent results. As well as having 4 National Champions on the day we also had 6 out of our 8 competitors achieving medal positions.


Medals were awarded for the score based on the final 2 passes and overall National Champions were decided by the highest score over 4 passes for everyone in the category regardless of age. Stuart is the overall National Champion for Regional D level and Kyle is the overall National Champion for National C Level


The official results can be found in the DMT Competition results section of the website but here are our placings:

Position Name Category
1st Stuart Campbell Regional D Over 15 Male
3rd Samantha Brown National C Under 15 Female
2nd Hamish Colgan National C Under 15 Male
1st Ruth Sibbald National C Over 15 Female
6th Alice Sparks National C Over 15 Female
7th Charli Reddish National C Over 15 Female
2nd Kyle Lancashire National C Over 15 Male
1st Lara Craig FIG B Over 15 Female

Home Nations 2012

On Thursday 27th September the Trampoline Technical Panel announced the Scotland Team for the upcoming Home Nations Competition which will be held in South Shields on Sunday 28th October. The Home Nations is a competition between Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales which incorporates 3 disciplines, Individual Trampolining, Synchronised Trampolining and Double-Mini Trampolining. Two Foot Higher are proud to not only have 5 of its members in the official Scotland team for the event but also to have one of its members selected to compete in all three disciplines. This is a tremendous honour for the gymnasts and the club to be representing the country. We would like to say a huge congratulations to them and a massive good luck.

DMT Competition - 01/09/12

This Saturday the club travelled up to banchory for the last DMT grading before the Scottish National Championships. We had a great day with impressive results. Every memeber of the club who took part managed to medal which was an excellent achievement as the standard of the competition was very high. The greatest achievement of the day had to come from the Nat C 15+ Female group where Two Foot Higher managed a clean sweep with Ruth, Charli and Alice taking the medals in that category. Another great achivement of the day was from Stuart who has only been on a DMT twice before but still managed to take home a gold medal from his first ever DMT competition. The Medal table for the day was as follows:


Gold - Ruth and Stuart

Silver - Lara, Kyle and Charli

Bronze - Alice, Hamish and Sami


We would Like to thank John Wills and everyone else from Banchory for putting on such a well organised competition. We look forward to seeing you next month for the National Championships.


On Thursday the 2nd of August, Kyle and Lara made their journey to London to watch some of the competitions in the 2012 Olympic Games. After arriving on Thursday they went to the Basketball arena in the Olympic park to see two games which started at 8pm:


GB vs Spain

USA vs Nigeria


Both games were incredible for different reasons. The atmosphere in the arena for the GB game was amazing. The support for the home team was huge. The first 3 quarters were pretty one sided with Spain consistantly being 9 points ahead of GB. The Last quarter was very tense as team GB slowly managed to claw their way closer to Spain. In the end GB only just missed out on the win by 1 point. The final score of the game was 79-78 to Spain.


Friday was the real reason for the trip. They spent the day at the o2 arena watching the men’s Trampolining. They got to see some spectacular routines from gymnasts such as Jason Burnett, Dong Dong and Lu Chunlong who won Silver, Bronze and Gold respectively in the 2008 Olympics as well as many other world class trampolinists.


Jason Burnett currently holds the world record for performing the routine with the highest degree of difficulty of 20.6 but aimed for a 17.6 in the preliminary round and an 18.2 in the final whereas the Chinese are only attempted 17.8 in their final.


Unfortunately Jason Burnett did not managed to complete his routine in the final and ended up in 8th place. This was quite a dissapointment for the Canadian but he done really well in the first round and it was awesome to see him bounce. The Chinese trampolinists performed to almost perfection but the Russian Dmitry Ushakov managed to split them with an outstanding routine. The final result was:


1 Dong Dong - China

2 Dmitry Ushakov - Russia

3 Chunlong Lu - China



Also, If anyone was watching the womens trampolining on Saturday 4th August you may have spotted a familiar face on the floor. Two Foot Highers head coach Bruce Craig was lucky enough to be chosen to be an official spotter. Last year Kyle and Charli were spotters at the world championships but Bruce had to go one better and do it at the Olympics. Well done Bruce.


They had an amazing time in London. It is great that they were able to take part in this once in a lifetime opportunity of seeing these games so close to home.


If you would like to see the trampolining footage from the Olympics, use the following links:


Women - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ag-T054vnt0

Men - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NQgxBLPqh7g

British Nationals 2012

Well the weekend is over and we had a very succesful competition. Everyone who took part done amazingly and we even had 2 competitors in the finals. Hamish managed to make it into the finals for Nat C DMT and came 4th overall. Lara made the finals for both Trampolining and DMT and came 6th and 4th. Have a look below for some pictures from the weekend. There will also be video footage of everyones passes soon.

Countdown to British Nationals

With Under a week to go until British National Championships, nerves are starting to show in the club. This year we have 5 members competing, whereas last year we only had 1. Its going to be a great weeken and we wish all our competitiors the best of luck. Anyone wanting to watch any footage of the competition can tune in at any point over the weekend to:


http://www.british-gymnastics.org and look for BG-tv.


Here is who you should look out for:








Good luck everyone!

We have a famous gymnast!

Two Foot Higher's own Rory Smith recently entered a competition to become the new face of Milano. He won the competition and is now plastered all over the new catalogue and the website. See below for pictures or check out:



Dundee Gala - 12-13/05/2012

This weekend saw the 4th british gala day of the year held in Dundee. 5 members of the club entered and we got an excellent result all round.




In the first day of the competition we had Entries in the Nat C DMT and the FIG syncro categories. Hamish, Charli, Kyle and Sami competed at DMT while Lara entered the Syncro with Mhairi Roberts from Tiggers Trampoline Club. There was also a last minute surprise entry to the syncro for Kyle as Michael Fenton and Ben Searle from Glasgow were supposed to be competing but Ben had to pull out due to injury. After a quick discussion and frantic swapping of leotards (you have to wear the same leotard as your partner in a syncro competition), Kyle took Bens place.


The DMT went amazingly with Sam and Hamish and Charli successfully landing all of their passes. Also all 3 of them qualified for the British National Championships in Birmingham in July. Hamish narrowly missed out on a bronze medal by getting only 0.2 marks lower than third place. After the first round, Charli was sitting in 4th place but had to withdraw from the final due to an injury. Kyle only got marked out of 1 move for his second pass of the first round as his tuck half-out dismound didnt quite go to plan. He managed to pull it together for the final and secured 3rd place and his first medal in a british competition. Kyle has also qualified for British Nationals in DMT. He secured this place at the previous gala day in Hull.


In the syncro comp, Lara and Mhairi completed two solid routines and came in third place. They were also the top Scottish pair in their category. Kyle and Michael pulled a good set routine out of nowhere considering they have never bounced together before and only made the routine up minutes earlier. This minor miracle put them in 1st place after the 1st round. After this surprise, they decided to do the honorable thing in the second round and mess up on purpose so as not to take any points away from the other competitiors who were actually supposed to be entered into the competition. Alothough the both completed 8 or 9....or maybe 10 moves, they only got marked out of 1 as the moves they did complete were not the same. They did manage to make the judges laugh so it was all ok...and they took home a bronze medal.




There were only two entries for the club on the second day of the competition with Hamish and Charli competing in Nat C trampolining.

Charli completed two excellent routines despite having fresh injury from the day before. She managed a respectable 11th place, easily avoiding coming in the bottom 20%. No relagation point for her.

Hamish was a total bag of nerves at the start of this competition but he slowly became more confident as he completed his first two routines. By the time his final came round he was much more confident and pulled off an excellent routine and secured second place and took home a silver medal. This is a brilliant result for his first ever british competition.


Overall a great weekend for everyone. Well done!

We are in the News!!

Musselburgh News
East Lothian Courier

Recreational Trampoline Competition 2012

Saturday 31st March 2012 saw the first ever East Lothian Recreational Trampoline Competition take place in Musselburgh Sports Centre. It was a great day whith everyone competing well and having lots of fun. For most of the kids who took part it was their first experience of a trampolining competition but they all handled it very well. The competitiors from Musselburgh who are coached by Kyle, Jemma and Bruce pulled out all the stops on the day and done their routines amazingly. See below for some pictures off the day. Sorry the quality is not very good but I only had my phone to hand. If anyone has any more pictures and would like to send them to me please email them to:


kyle [at] twofoothigher [dot] co [dot] uk


Finnaly we would just like to say a massive well done to everone who took part! The coaches are very proud!

Perth Grading 24/03/12

What a day!!! I dont think we could have asked for better results than we got.


Not only did we get 4 gold and 1 silver medal, Both Ruthie and Hamish got the score they needed to qualify up to Nat C level. They both bounced brilliantly!


Lara and Rory also got a gold medals and Rory qualified to move up to level F. Fraser bounced in the same group as Rory and managed to come 4th, just missing out on the move up score.


The Silver medal was won by Sami. Unfortunately she didnt manage to move up to C this time but we are sure they will both get their scores at the next competition.


Also Joe, Scott, Alex, Lauren and Kayleigh competed in levels G and H. They all performed very well




Full results to follow.

We have a winner.......again!!! 17-18/03/12

This weekend saw 4 members of the team attend the 3rd British gala day of the year held in Hull. Not only did Lara manage a silver medal in FIG B individual trampolining, she also came 1st in FIG B Double-mini. Thats a total of 4 medals from 3 galas! I think I speak for everybody when I say a massive well done! What an Excelent result. The whole club are very proud.


Ruthie also competed this weekend, taking part in Nat C DMT. Unfortunately she narrowly missed out on qualifying for the Nationals by 1 place. We are sure she will make it next time.


Kyle competed in Nat C individual trampoline and DMT. He had an unfortunate morning on the trampolines but managed to qualify for the National Championships in DMT by coming 3rd after the first round.


Sami also competed in Nat C DMT and put in a tremendous effort with all her passes. Well done Sam.


All in all an excelent weekend and a great result for the club.

30 Bounce times - 29/02/12

Tonight at training we timed everyone's 30 bounce time. The 30 bounces were timed from standing still. We got some interesting results you might think:




Kyle 61.8
Lara 56.9
Charli 54.9
Ruthie 53.1
Hamish 50.7
Adam 49.6
Sami 49.2
Jemma 47.7
Noah 45.2
Rory 43.9


* Bruce only did 10 bounces

She's done it again! - 18/02/12

Lara has managed to go 2 for 2 in the second British gala of the year held in Bath. This time Lara managed to make it into the final of the individual trampoline competition at FIG B level after completing 2 outstanding routines. She entered the final sitting in 4th place but pulled another almost flawless routine out of the bag and finished in 3rd overall. So far thats a gold medal and a bronze in 2 galas. We are all lookforward to the next one in Hull where we will be there to support you. Lets make it 3 for 3!



We have a Champion! - 30/01/12

This past weekend saw the first british gala of the year which was held in Hatfield. Only one of our club managed to attend but she made the whole club proud. Lara managed to beat off all the competition and come first at DMT at national C level. I think I speak for everyone when I say WELL DONE LARA!!! Check out the DMT results for Lara's group below. For the Full results from the competition check out the Results Page.

Nat C Over 15 Ladies results
01 Hafield 2012 Lara DMT.xls
Microsoft Excel sheet [34.0 KB]

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Countdown to Scottish Nationals 2019



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