Scottish National Chapionships 2013

This years National Championships were held on the 23rd November at Bells Sports Centre in Perth. This was the first time that Scotland has had both Trampoline and DMT championships on the same day. The event was a huge success and included some special guests from down south including 2 of the judges from the 2012 Olympics in London.


Pictures and videos of the day can be found in the Photos section of the website or by clicking HERE!


The Club had a fantastic day with a record number of qualifiers and almost every single person gaining at least 1 medal. The results from the club are as follows:



Name Category Position
Lara Craig FIG B U19L


Hamish Colgan FIG B U17B


Kyle Lancashire NAT C O19M


Kirsty McConnell NAT C O19L


Ruth Sibbald NAT C U19L


Samantha Brown NAT C U15G


Fraser Mcleod ASM E U15


Catherine Sykes ASM F O15


Tom Sparks ASM G O15





Name Category Position
Kyle Lancashire FIG B O15M 4th
Hamish Colgan FIG B O15M 3rd
Lara Craig FIG B O15L 2nd
Charli Corcoran NAT C O19L 2nd
Ruth Sibbald NAT C U19L 3rd
Samantha Brown NAT C U15G 2nd
Catherine Sykes REG D O19L 2nd
Kirsty McConnell REG D O19L 1st
Fraser Mcleod REG D U13B 1st

A very special mentions has to go out to our champion of the day, Fraser Mcleod. Not only did he come 1st in both Trampolining and DMT, He was also the overall champion for both which means he got the highest score out of everyone else in his levels. This is a huge achievement. Not only did he win all that, he also got the award for the highest form score of the day on DMT. This award was not just for his level but out of everyone who competed on the DMT throughout all levels.


We would like to say a huge congratulations to Fraser. Keep up the good work.

DMT Competition 14/09/13

On the 14th of September Scottish gymnastics held the last DMT qualifier of the year at Musselburgh sports centre. It was a fantastic day for the club with everyone who had not qualified for nationals yet managing to qualify. We also had a clean sweep of medals with 4 Gold, 1 Silver and 1 Bronze. Bring on Nationals!!!

British Nationals 2013

On Friday 5th July, 6 members of Two Foot Higher travelled down to Birmingham for the 2013 British National Championships. Bruce was judging all day Saturday and Sunday. The Following people had qualified to compete in the weekends competition:


Lara: FIG B DMT and TRI

Hamish: NAT C DMT and TRI

Charli: NAT C DMT and TRI


Duncan: FIG B DMT


Duncan was competing for Banchory this weekend so they could have a team in the FIG B DMT.


It was a fantastic weekend for the club with Charli competing two clean routines and two clean passes in the preliminary rounds on the Saturday. Lara, Kyle and Hamish all qualified into the finals on the Sunday in all of their competitions. Everyone competed amazingly well and the final results were:



TRI - 7th

DMT - 5th



TRI - 6th

DMT - 2nd (Silver Medal)



DMT - 2nd (Silver Medal)


Two Foot Higher would like to say a massive congratulations to all of the Scottish gymnasts who managed to qualify for the Nationals this year. It is a fantastic achievement to make it there. Special congratulations to all the competitiors from Two Foot Higher. You all done amazing and everyone at the club is proud of you.

Adult Summer Classes

Since the kids classes are off for the summer holidays, we are running adults classes for the next few weeks. We hope to see you there!

ELGDF Summer Showcase

Saturday 22nd June saw the return of the East Lothian Gymnastics Development Forum's annual Summer Showcase. The Day was a huge success with the standard of the displays being much higher than last year. The event saw gymnasts of all ages and levels showing off some fantastic displays and amazing skills. We would like to say a massive weel dont to everyonw who helped organise the day and to everyonw who took part. Keep an eye out on the local papers as there may be an article appearing in the next week or so. If anyone has any pictures of the club we would very much appreciate you sending them to us. Thanks

National Qualifiers so far........

With 1 more grading left this year, we already have a record number of qualifiers for the National Championships this year. We still have a few people who we think will qualify but have not managed it yet. Here are a list of people who have qualified already.

Name Group
Adam Souter G U15
Catherine Sykes

F O15

Charli Corcoran

Nat C O19L

Duncan Ross


Fraser McCleod

F U15

Hamish Colgan


Kirsty McConnell


Kyle Lancashire

Nat C O19M

Lara Craig


Ruth Sibbald


Sami Brown


Stuart Campbell


Tom Sparks

G O15

Scottish Grading - 8th June

The club had another fantastic day in perth this Saturday. Not only have we added 3 more people to our list of national qualifiers, we also got 2 more promotions. Fraser made it up to level D after only 1 competition at E with a massive score of 50.3. He blew all of the competition away by scoring almose 2 whole points higher than 2nd place. well done Fraser! Catherine also got a promotional offer to move up to level E after only 1 competition at F. Catherine also got the highest score out of every level F competitior at the competition. Well done.


Two Foot Higher got a clean sweep of medals in the NAT C O19M category by Kyle, Duncan and Stuart coming 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively. Two Foot Higher are quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with.


The medal tally for the day is:


Gold: Kyle, Catherine, Fraser

Silver: Kirsty, Ruth, Duncan, Sami

Bronze: Stuart

Scottish Grading - 21st April

Two Foot Higher only had 2 entries into this competition as there is another one on Star Wars day (May 4th) so we decided make that our priority. Fraser and Catherine wanted to enter both as they want to take every opportunity they can to move up the levels.


This was Fraser's first attempt at level F and he was taking no prisoners. He performed a phenomenal set routine which got him 8s and high 7s from the judges. Unfortunately he hit the mat on the 7th move of his vol which meant he didnt get the score he needed to move up. Going by the scores of his set, he is more that capable of moving out of F so we will all keep our fingers crossed for the next competition in May.


Catherine was attemping to get out of the notorious level G but unfortunately missed the move up score by 0.4. Her score of 44.6 was enough to secure her 2nd place and a nice silver medal but only 1 person out of her whole group of 31 people managed to get the score to move out of G which shows how difficult it actually is. Catherine is also doing the competition in May so now she knows what she needs to do to get out of G. We will be watching in anticipation for that magicall score of 45.


Well done to you both.

Wales Gala - 13th - 14th April

This weekend, Bruce, Kyle, Lara and Hamish took an 8 hour drive down to Cardiff for the wales gala. It was an eventful weekend with a silver medal, a nationals qualification and a first FIG B competition.


Kyle took 2nd place in NAT C O15 DMT but unfortunately didnt manage to qualify for nationals. He also came 11th in NAT C O19 trampolining after only doing 9 moves in his vol.


Hamish competed in FIG B for the first time with 2 respectable routines and managed to come in 11th place.


Lara competed in bot FIG B Trampolining and DMT. She came 8th in trampolining and qualified for nationals. She had a bit of an off day on the DMT and fell on both her passes. It happens to everyone.


Massive well done to everyone who competed. Bring on South Sheilds!

Yorkshire Gala - 30th - 31st March

6 members of the club travelled down to Hull this weekend to take part in the Yorkshire gala. We had 4 entries into individual trampolining and 3 in DMT.




In FIG B U19L, Lara had a mishap on the 5th move of her set and landed in the mat. She mananaged to pull it back for a very respectable vol and ended up in 10th place.


Kirsty competed in NAT C O19L and performed two excellent routines and came 13th.


Duncan was in NAT C O19M. His set was excellent, getting an average form score of 7.4. Unfortunately he fell on the 4th move of his vol but still finished in 11th place.


Hamish was the star of the day, not only did he come 3rd in NAT C U17B but he also gained the promotion score to move up to FIG B. His first routine gained form marks in the high 7s and his other scores were also mid 7s. This is an excellent result and he will be looking forward to his first FIG competition in Cardiff in a few weeks.




Everyone had an excellent day on the DMT with everyone qualifying for nationals and medals all round.


Lara came 2nd in FIG B O15L with a score of 123.10


Duncan also came 2nd in FIG B O15M with a score of 121.9


Hamish came 1st in NAT C U19M and gained a promotional offer up for FIG B with a score of 118.3



Well done to everyone. These are amazing results all round.

Aalsmeer Flower Cup 2013

This weekend 6 members of Two Foot Higher travelled to Holland for the 20th edition of the Flower Cup which was held on the 16th March in Aalsmeer. The competition was a great success and everyone had a great weekend. For most of the club it was their first experience of an international competition and we are extremely proud of how you all done and how you represented the club over the weekend.


Lara competed in the Class 1 girls category and came 17th out of 75. This is an amazing result and she was also the only Scottich competitior in the category.


Charli and Ruth competed in the Class 2 womens category and came 42nd and 55th respectively. This category had 73 competitors and the standard was very high so well done to you both.


Kyle and Hamish were in the Class 2 mens category which had 39 competitiors and they came 18th and 20th respectively. Again the standard of this category was very high so well done to you both.


Bruce was judging form all day which was no easy feat.


We would also like to say a massive well done to our good frends at Tiggers and Falcon Trampoline club who also competed. Their results were:


Class 1 Men - Stewart Addison (Tiggers) - 25th

Class 2 Men - Murray Findlay (Falcon) - 5th

Class 2 Women - Katy Crandall (Tiggers) - 3rd

Class 2 Women - Mhairi Roberts (Tiggers) - 26th


A full set of results can be found at flowercup.nl. Also some pictures from the weekend can be found in the photos section of the website or click HERE!

SSS League 4

The 4th and final Scottish Student Trampolining competition of the academic year was held in Aberdeen on the 2nd March. Three of Two Foot Higher's members competed for the University of Edinburgh in the competition and they all did the club proud.


Catherine Sykes completed two clean routines in the Elite Ladies category, one of which contained a double back somersault. This was the first time she competed this routine in a competition. What a great achievement and a great way to end the competition year.


Duncan Ross competed in Elite Men and pulled out two excellent routines including his vol which contained four double somersaults. He narrowly missed out on a gold medal when his foot clipped the side pad on his out bounce.


Perhaps the greatest achievement of the day was from Kirsty McConnell, who not only won the Elite Ladies category but also won the title for the highest Elite Ladies score of the year. This was a fantastic way for Kirsty to end her student trampolining career, where she medalled in 14 out of the 16 SSTrampolining individual competitions the she has attended over the last four years. The whole club congratulates you.


When asked about it Kirsty said:


I always wanted to take up trampolining when I joined university and have been so lucky to have such a great experience with the University of Edinburgh Trampoline Club and more recently with Two Foot Higher. I worked hard right from day one and moved my way up through the categories; Novice, Intermediate, Intervanced, Advanced and finally Elite. I've always been very neat with my skills and receive good form scores from thew judges but I have acheived more than I ever could have imagined. I couldn't possibly name everyone who has helped me to get where I am, but I genuinely wouldn't have reached this far without your support and encouragement. A huge thank you must go out to all, especially my coaches and team mates.


Both Kirsty and Catherine will be graduating from the University of Edinburgh this summer but they plan to continue trampolining with Two Foot Higher and we look forward to welcoming them to our competition team who are currently preparing for the Scottish and British circuit.


Big congratulations must also go to Stuart Campbell who was the head organiser for the four SSTrampolining competitions over this acedemic year and he put on four unfaultable competitions. Stuart will continue with SSTrampolining for the immediate future as their new Competition Development Coordinator.


More pictures can be found in the Competitions Photos or you can just click HERE!

Perth Grading - 23/02/13

A massive well done to everyone who took part in the first competition of the year in Perth at the weekend. We had fantastic results all round with 6 of the 15 entrants qualifying for the National Championships this year. The club also managed to bring home 4 medals. The biggest success of the day came from Fraser who not only came first in his category but also qualified out of level G.


Well done again to everyone! Bring on the next one.

Scottish Student Open 2013


The 8th to the 10th of February saw the Scottish Student Open being held in Glasgow. Congratulations must go out to Two Foot Higher club member Stuart Campbell who as co-ordinator of Scottish Student Trampolining organised a fantastic 3-day long Competition. The competition saw over 400 individuals from universities and colleges across Scotland, England and Ireland attend.

The weekend was a huge success and all of the Two Foot Higher competitors who are students at the University of Edinburgh came home with a medal. Kirsty McConnell took the bronze medal in the individual elite ladies competition which was also the top Scottish position in the entire competition for individual ladies trampolining. Also joining with team mate Catherine Sykes, the girls took second place in the synchro category which was again the highest position from Scotland. DMT and tumbling were introduced to the Scottish Student Trampolining Open for the first time as Two Foot Higher donated their own DMT to the competition, and Duncan Ross picked up the Silver medal in the elite dmt group, despite having not competed in several years. Kirsty also took 2nd place in the tumbling competition.


A thoroughly successful day, both in terms of organisation and competition, from the Two Foot Higher team and we wish them the best of luck for the last competition of the student circuit on 2nd March.


A full copy of the results can be found below and a few photos of Two Foot Higher competitiors at the event can be found HERE! Pictures were taken by Neil Shoulder from Edinburgh University.

Microsoft Excel sheet [59.9 KB]

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